Lucy and Desi’s Divorce – How, and Did, It Affect “I Love Lucy”

As we are all aware, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz were married for some twenty years before Lucy filed for divorce on March 4th, 1960. In this post, we will examine the later years of “I Love Lucy,” with clips showcasing how their quarreling of what would become their divorce impacted I Love Lucy, and it’s later counterpart, The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour.

Now, looking at the early seasons of ILL, the two seem happily in love. However, as the years/seasons pass and we near the 1960s, they definitely have a drifting apart … but did it affect the ILL/LDCH storyline? I personally say yes, but let’s look at the evidence.

In this first part of The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour episode Lucy Makes Room for Danny, you can see the somewhat tension between the pair. One YouTuber commented that Desi/Ricky seemed madder than usual and that you could see that their marriage was to be ending soon. Now compare their relationship in this video to this video –

You can obviously see their love for eachother in this scene, something that quite differs from the first video. What do you believe? Did as the years go on their marriage grew dull?

Of course, they didn’t hate eachother – they loved eachother to the full extent … but their marriage became so unstable with Desi’s alcoholism and womanizing that Lucy just couldn’t stand it anymore and they divorced. Lucy later reflected that it was the biggest mistake of her life and that Desi was always her love. And such facts as Lucy and Desi talking to eachother before his death, sharing mainly “I love you’s” confirm that they loved eachother, but their marriage was just completely unstable in the later years of ILL and LDCH.

We are fully aware that during their marriage there was quite some quarrel and words strewn about. Desi was known as a womanizer and cheated on Lucy often, and Lucy must have known about the affairs and filed for divorce in 1960. What we aren’t fully aware of is did it impact I Love Lucy and TLDCH? What do you think? Comment below with your ideas, I would love to hear more to this argument and different viewpoints.


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